Headquartered in Albany, NY, with an additional office in Hoboken, NJ, the C.L. King Fixed Income Group is comprised of 14 sales and trading professionals. Our veteran staff specializes in diverse markets within the fixed income universe, each bringing an abundance of knowledge and experience in their respective product areas.

Our main product lines include U.S. Treasuries, U.S. Agency debentures, high yield, convertible, and investment grade corporate bonds, mortgage-backed securities, municipal bonds, certificates of deposit and preferred stocks. While the bulk of our trading volume transpires in the secondary markets, we are also an active underwriter of corporate bonds and in the competitive municipal market as well as an approved underwriter of FNMA debt. Our offerings can be viewed on a Bloomberg Offering menu accessed by keying CLKA.

C.L. King’s trading partners include professional fixed income and municipal investors such as pension funds, insurance companies, money managers, banks, mutual funds, corporate treasuries, hedge funds, high-net-worth individuals and retail investors. With these counterparties, we trade on a principal basis. This allows us to make a broad cross section of markets across myriad fixed income product areas. Whether seeking liquidity, initiating a position or adding to existing positions, give us the opportunity to share our wealth of experience with your organization.

David Suozzo, CFA

Senior Managing Director, Head of Fixed Income
Phone: 518.207.2800
Email: David.Suozzo@clking.com