Fixed Income Capital Markets

As an active fixed income underwriter, C.L. King co-manages the issuance of investment grade bonds, high yield bonds and $25 par value retail bonds and preferreds. Our peer-leading capital base, proven fixed income sales and trading platform, and long-standing distribution capabilities into retail broker-dealers and mid-tier bond investors allows us to handle large underwriting commitments.Complementary to and differentiated from that of global banks, C.L. King is a leading trader of fixed income product in “odd lots,” fulfilling a need in the market for investors who want to trade smaller amounts of fixed income securities. Consequently, in offerings we work carefully with issuers and large underwriters to bring in investors who represent incremental demand.


Anne Serewicz

Senior Managing Director, Investment Banking & Capital Markets
Phone: 212.364.1831


Laurie McMullen

Vice President Fixed Income
Phone: 518-207-2780