C.L. King Analysts Rank at the Top in StarMine Awards

August 22, 2013 | News

C.L. King Analysts Rank No. 1 for Restaurants, Textiles & Apparel, and Specialty Retail;
Firm No. 3 in U.S. for Stock Picks and Earnings Accuracy

StarMine, a division of Thomson Reuters, announced its 2013 Awards of Excellence this morning. Out of 91 firms considered in the survey, C.L. King & Associates was ranked as the Third Most Productive U.S. firm.

Louis Parks, Senior Managing Director and Head of Equities, congratulated all C.L. King’s analysts for putting the firm at the top of the survey rankings and applauded those who took top honors. “Our institutional clients expect consistently accurate analysis of the companies we cover, and our analysts deliver. C.L. King’s ranking as one the top brokerage firms in the U.S. is the result of the integrity of our analysts and the effort they make to ensure our clients are getting actionable information they can absolutely rely on to make their investment decisions. Our analysts do a great job, and we are proud of our product.”

The following C.L. King Analysts were honored:

Morry Brown, No. 1 Estimator, Specialty Retail. Morry hit one into the upper deck, beating out 108 other analysts for the top rank. Morry follows: DG, DLTR, EXPR, FDO, FRAN, ROST, BKE*, TJX, URBN, ZUMZ. He may be reached at (212) 364-1814/ mb@clking.com.

Mike Gallo, No. 1 Stock Picker, Restaurants. Mike was in a field of 41 analysts who covered the requisite number of companies to qualify for the survey. Mike follows the following restaurant companies: AFCE*, BH, BLMN, BOBE, CEC, CBRL, DENN, DIN, DNKN, KKD*, LNCE, SONC, WEN. Mike may be reached at (212) 421-9382/ mwg@clking.com.

Steve Marotta, No. 1 Stock Picker, Textiles, Apparel and Luxury Goods. Steve’s record for accuracy topped 37 others to take the top rung. Steve follows: ASNA, BWS, CRI, CROX*, DSW, GCO*, HBI, ICON*, MFB, PVH, SHOO*, VRA, WWW. He may be reached at (518) 944-2404/ slm@clking.com.

Ross Taylor, No. 3 Stock Picker, Healthcare Equipment & Supplies. There were 69 analysts in Ross’ sector who qualified for the survey. Companies Ross follows are: ABAX*, XRAY*, HSIC*, IDXX*, MWIV*, PDCO*, PETS, SIRO*, WOOF*, MMSI*, BABY, QDEL, SRDX*, WST*, VIVO*, ZTS. Ross may be reached at (212) 572-3645/ rt@clking.com.

C.L. King Analysts have taken other top honors this year. Jim Barrett, C.L. King’s Director of Research, was ranked No.2 in the Wall Street Journal’s Best on the Street Survey out of 108 analysts covering Heavy Machinery and Materials, and Mike Gallo was ranked No 2 out of 34 analysts following Restaurants. Jim Barrett follows: AWI, BECN, EXP, FBHS, OC, TXI, SMG*, TTC*, USG*, GRA, in addition to CHE and UHAL*. Jim may be reached at (212) 421-3514 / jb@clking.com.