Corporate Services

C.L. King’s Corporate Services unit offers specialized services and objective advice to help corporate clients achieve flawless execution directly in the capital markets. Our Corporate Services clients leverage the full resources of C.L. King, from equity research to our comprehensive trading services, to meet their objectives. We offer:

Corporate Brokerage Services
Executive Services

Share Repurchase Programs

For more than 20 years C.L. King has actively managed multiple corporate share repurchase programs. Drawing on our research capabilities, investment banking experience and trading expertise, C.L. King will efficiently manage your corporate buyback program with skill and discretion.

We partner with our clients to understand their goals and share what we know about their shareholder base. C.L. King offers each client a dedicated Sales Trader to manage their program, monitor order flow and provide alerts on market developments, including blocks of stock for sale. Clients receive daily trading recaps and execution summaries at times and in formats customized to meet their needs. We execute your buyback program in accordance with your strategy and at the best possible prices.

At-the-Market “ATM” Continuous Offerings

A company may choose an ATM over an underwritten public offering when it wants to discreetly raise only a small amount of equity or a larger amount over a longer timeframe. Owners of blocks have also employed C.L. King to discreetly dribble out shares to maximize selling proceeds. C.L. King was one of only eight firms chosen by the U.S. Treasury in 2013 to help it divest its remaining GM shares through an ATM.

Block Trading

We offer discreet execution for high-volume, complex transactions with minimal market impact. By leveraging the strength of our NASDAQ-Listed trading group, C.L. King can assist insiders, affiliates, venture capital, private equity and other institutional clients to sell or acquire large positions of stock. We coordinate the process with legal counsel, transfer agents and traders as necessary.

Restricted Stock Services/Rule 144 Transactions

We guide clients through the sale of restricted and control stock and can sell your securities discreetly, with minimal market disruption. C.L. King has the experience to simplify the overwhelming paperwork and reporting responsibilities required by the SEC for the sale of restricted securities and can partner with your legal team to deliver immediate notification of completed transactions.

Customized Rule 10b5-1 Trading Plans

C.L. King assists officers, directors and other corporate insiders to develop well-conceived programs for selling or purchasing company stock. SEC Rule 10b5-1 protects officers and directors from insider trading liability under Rule 10b-5 for transactions under a previously established contract, plan or instruction. This rule presents an opportunity for insiders to sell or purchase company stock without the restrictions imposed by window and blackout periods, provided that the individual is not in possession of material nonpublic information when the plan is adopted.

Stock Option Exercise

We offer professional assistance and tailored option exercise programs for your incentive stock options, non-qualified stock options and stock options granted to affiliates. C.L. King will create a customized plan to coordinate the tracking, financing and exercising of stock options. We will tailor our procedures to meet your needs and ensure that you receive same-day notification of affiliate transactions for Form 4 reporting purposes. In general, options can be exercised as follows:

  • Same-day sale, where no cash outlay is necessary
  • Cash exercise, where an employee actually pays both costs and taxes
  • Partial same day sale, where an employee sells just enough stock to cover the option cost and taxes and then exercises the remaining options in order to hold the underlying stock.
Anne Serewicz

Senior Managing Director, Head of Investment Banking & Capital Markets
Phone: 212.364.1831